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Inner Child and Loving Parent

  • “The Twelve Steps support this journey to the Inner Child or True Self.”
  • “As children, we were affected in body, mind, and spirit by alcoholism or other family dysfunction. Our bodies stored the trauma, neglect, and rejection in the form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The mind developed the Laundry List Traits or the false self to survive. The Inner Child, the true connection to our Higher Power, went into hiding. ACA recovery can reverse this process.”
  • “The ACA Solution is that we become our “own loving parent.” Becoming our own loving parent involves seeing our “biological parents as the instruments of our existence.” As The Solution states: “Our actual parent is our Higher Power, whom some of us choose to call God.”
  • The Fellowship Text  chapter 8 is entitled “The Solution: Becoming Your Own Loving Parent”, however, the concepts of loving parent and inner child are interwoven throughout the ACA program and literature.
  • The ACA World Convention has been a great place for speakers to share their experience, strength and hope doing workshops that deal with inner child recovery tools. Check out our shopping site for MP3 Audio downloads.