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  • “PTSD may be the most common disorder that befalls adult children of trauma.”
  • “Most ACA members have some form of PTSD, which is often expressed in our hyper vigilance of our surroundings or our acute monitoring of comments or actions of others. This behavior is a carry-over from growing up on guard much of the time.”
  • “Many adult children constantly survey their homes or relationships, looking for situations that could lead to shame or some other public act of criticism. In addition to fearing shame and abandonment, our hyper-vigilance is intensified by what many therapists call Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is most often associated with combat veterans or survivors of a traumatic event such as a car wreck or a catastrophic event. However, adult children suffer from PTSD as well. A PTSD event or events produce such a high state of threat or danger that experts believe it changes the body chemistry. Long after the threat has passed, the PTSD sufferer remains on “alert” to ward off future events that could re-trigger the fear of the previous fearful event.”
  • “Physical and emotional abuse can both produce post-traumatic stress disorder or stored fear. They create the same wound whether hitting is present or not.”
  • Many adult children have PTSD and are able to recover in ACA.